Sapphire Isle

The "Choose" button is for ("Brave & Courageous Boys Choose Intelligent Girls") buttons.
The "Days" button is for ("I'm having a Hermione Granger kind of day") buttons.
The "Mine" button is for ("Harry Potter is Mine") buttons.
The "Shippers" button is for ("Proud To Be A H/G Shipper!") buttons.
The Character buttons is for ("Harry James Potter - (The-Boy-Who-Lived)") buttons.
The Affection button is for (The object of my affection is...) buttons.
The Hogwarts button is for ("Ravenclaw") buttons.
The Order button is for Order Of The Phoenix buttons.

The Tom Riddle, Oliver Wood, and Quidditch buttons.
Misc. is for the buttons that don't go into the other 11 categories listed above.


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