Which Broomstick Are You?
Updated: December 27th, 2010
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How do you go about reaching your goals?
I just reach out and take what I want, always.
By pushing myself hard, relentlessly, until I get there.
With a slow, measured approach, designed to make sure I reach my goal.
As Sinatra said - I'll do it my way.
The old fashioned way - by finding out how to get where I need to be, and getting the job done.
By riding the wave as far as it'll take me, and jumping off at the right moment.
The hard way - by pushing past every setback and obstacle in the way.
I look for the help I need, and then get to work.

What's your attitude to rolling your sleeves up and getting your hands dirty?
Isn't there an easier way?
I can do it when I have to.
Life is all about putting in the effort.
I've got no problem with that at all.
I do what I have to, so I can get the job done.
I never really have to - most things come easily to me.
Many hands make light work.
A bit of graft goes a long way.

Would you say you took pride in your appearance?
I look pretty good, and I try to take full advantage when I can.
I keep myself nice and tidy, but I'm not the ostentatious type.
Absolutely! Why wouldn't you be willing to put in that little bit of effort to look good?
I guess so, although it's really not something I've had to try all that hard with...
Why bother? It'll all just get messed up anyway...
I tend to go with comfortable rather than stylish.
No more than I have to.
I'm really more of your substance-over-style kind of person.

Do you have a cool head under pressure?
I look to my friends for support and guidance.
If I'm honest? I fall apart like a deck of cards. Made out of an Exploding Snap deck.
I like to think I lead the way when the going gets tough.
Not much happens that I couldn't handle, but I can ask for help when I need it.
Pressure? What's that? Never heard of the stuff.
When the pressure's on, it just makes me go harder and faster...
Pressure is just something that happens to other people.
Oh, I'll come through anything that the world throws at me, and smile on the way out the back end.

Do you find that you're always the centre of attention?
Well, I do get my fair share of admiring glances, I suppose...
Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Hell Yes.
I do find that I get lost in the crowd sometimes, much as I try.
No, I wouldn't say I was where everyone looked.
I've had my time in the sun, although I don't really get the attention that I used to.
I don't really look for the attention - I just do what I do, and ask to be left to it.
Only when they're pointing fingers at me.
I'm usually more part of the crowd, but I guess I'm usually close to the front.

What would you say is your best quality?
I always know my own mind.
I bring a little bit of everything to the table.
I bring my own little touch of class to the proceedings.
I am the very best there is at what I do.
I'm accessible and approachable.
Everyone knows they can count on me.
I'm a good, strong worker - a real workhorse.
I'm like the damn Energizer bunny - I just go on and on and on and on...

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