Sapphire Isle

GTDE (Gryffindor Tower Death Eater)

A Slytherin in disguise who is a rabid fan of Tom Riddle, but still may have a TOUCH of Oliver love in her veins, mainly from an agreement
with the Olivergirls over love of hunky men, whether they be bookworm or jock. A strange breed of Male GTDE has also been known to exist,
under certain conditions. Habits include drooling over the barmaids, mixing strange and elaborate cocktails, and adding fuel to the raging
inferno that is Innuendo.

Some famed acts of a GTDE are: having the male GTDEs (specifically Bragg) lose all their clothes and be at the mercy of TBC Crew in Strip
Twister, have great fun and wild times in the ever popular WWW forum, and Dressed in wild costumes, some GTDEs take part in murdering people
they don't like (the movie Crew, Dolores Umbridge) and solving the mystery of whodunnit Clue-Style! This aids in their plot for
world-domination... or at least total control over the Harry Potter Movie Series so they can cast all their favorite actors and perform as
many re-writes as they want, while also starring and working in all facets of said movies. Most notable casting choices are: Orlando Bloom
as Bill Weasley, Sapphire as Fleur Delacour, Mindy as Tonks, Squeaky as Moaning Myrtle, Varity as Ginny, Star as Gabrielle Delacour, Roxie
as Luna, Rose as Mrs. Severus Snape, Sakura Greenleaf as Hermione, Chocolate Muse as Blaise Zabini putting to rest all gender issues and
in great casting Bragg as Charlie Weasley, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Ron Weasley AND Harry Potter. All casting choices can be rotated as
TBC production sees fit.

The 5 part casting of Bragg is just another notch on this notable GTDE males belt. Through his humble beginnings as an announcer for
Rose-O-Vision (the popular GTDE reality show) to his never-ending losing streak at Strip Twister, he has risen to the occasion which prompted
his placing as the King of TBC Spam Dynasty. The royal Spam family consists of Queen Sapphire, Princess Phishie, Princess Rose, Princess Star
and Princess Mindy, TBC royal family and crew. The GTDEs spend a majority of their bar time kicking back in the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes
thread. There they play to win on the Strip Twister board (now moved to the Secret Chamber for innuendo's sake), ridding the Harry Potter
franchise of annoyances one murder at a time in TBC Clue, testing their brain power at word association and putting their vocabularies to
the test at morph game.

GTDEs aren't all fun and games, they are hard working pirates on the S.S. Rosewood with the expert help of Mr. Will Turner who is shackled
happily to Mindy. The S.S. Rosewood makes frequent pit stops at The Basilisk Cafe where every pirate from captain down to cabin girl has a job.
Hostess, bartender, lounge lizard, bouncer, The Basilisk Cafe has it all. The tasty concoctions whipped up by the talent at The Basilisk Cafe
include: Basilisk Belini, Basilisk Butterbeer, Chamber Chocolate, Dark Mark Martini, Diary Writer's Daiquiri, King Cobra Kamikaze, Marvolo
Mudslide, Morsmordre Margarita, Parseltongue Punch, Queen Cobra Cosmopolitan, Rattler's Rum, Riddle on the Rocks, Screaming Muggle, Secret
Chamber Iced Tea, Serpent Sangria and Viper Vodka. There is always something refreshing to be had at The Basilisk Cafe. Whether at work or
play, the GTDEs do it all in style.


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