Which GTDE Are You?
Updated: December 27th, 2010
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If you were being annoyed by a pesky Oliver Girl, what would you do?
Bestow them with a withering stare, content to bask in my own superiority.
Put on my most menacing glare and munch cookies temptingly in front of them. "No, you may NOT have one" *CRUNCH!*
Give them an evil look, stare at them up and down, and say, "Ummmm....OKAY." and swish off.
Debate them into a stupor, and convince them that Oliver has nothing going for him besides Sean Biggerstaff.
Fire off a quick 'Petrificus Totalus' then continue on with your day.
Smash them on the head with a hammer and feed them to my Basilisk
Glare at them, then head back to the cafe.... I have an empire to run.
Throw a broomstick and hope she'd run after it.

What's your favorite drink at TBC?
Whatever I remember
Viper Vodka
Dark Mark Martini
Diary Writer's Daiquiri
Riddle on the Rocks

What is the TRUE meaning of a basilisk?
A creature to use as a threat, or a good source of innuendo
Well, in my opinion, the true meaning of- ow, the little bugger bit me!
It's a playful, huggable reptile… what else could it possible be?
It's a truly lovable and loyal pet. Would do anything for it's master, like if she/he set it on a Woodette, it'd do it's work with no questions.
An awesome snake, who is for hugging and setting on people who annoy you. Plus, they are pretty cute and the guys love them!
A basilisk is not only a true friend but can also take care of your enemies.
A great, loyal pet and a ruthless killer rolled up into one.

You catch Oliver Wood in a compromising situation with a jar of Hellmann's mayonnaise, a toothpick and a yak, and you have photos. Do you:
a) blackmail him out of extortionate amounts of money
b) use this new information about their idol to taunt the Oliver Girls
c) take it to the tabloids, hehehe.
d) do nothing, but constantly make innocent remarks about yaks and salad dressing whenever he's around until he's a jibbering bundle of nerves
e) use the power this evidence gives you to make Oliver your personal slave... your first bidding of course being to get rid of the towel, get into some leather trousers and start doing the washing up at the Basilisk Cafe

What's your color scheme?
Green, silver, and black
navy & bronze
Black and red
Anything, as long as it contains large amounts of glitter.
Just plain black. I like to be mysterious.
Pink and Yellow
Green, Gold, and Silver

Do you have a basilisk?
Two of them. One's a highly trained hit Basilisk, the other is squeamish about devouring his victims.
Yes, I have several, but to be quite honest they all look on me as their inferior. Ungrateful little sods.
Yes! It's name is Snogger and it's a total flirt!
Two of them . . . the little buggers.
Of course!
I have two.
Yea, two!

Have you taunted an Oliver Girl?
Only when provoked....
I've aided in the taunting of a Woodette.
I try not to. It wouldn't be fair on them, poor things. You've got to pity them.
Not as much as the rest of the GTDE's but I have done it a few times. I like to be the one who seems like the good girl but can change into a bad girl at anytime.
Me, never! *crosses fingers*
It's my life! After all, my Basilisk get restless if I don't allow them someone to "play" with.
Yes. One in particular by the name of 'Becky'.
*mumbles incoherently*

What's your motto...
"Brains Over Brawn"
"Because It's Just More Fun Being Bad"
"GTDEs: Because basilisks make cuter pets than broomsticks."
"We love being bad, because it sure feels good!"
"When we're good, we're very, very good; but when we're bad, we're better!"

A person is undecided between Tom and Oliver, what do you do?
I tell them to join the GTDE's because we're a terribly fun bunch and we're more successful than the Woodettes! We have a Live Journal, EzBoard, and Yahoo! Group!! (Hey, gotta do some advertising too!) And then, after I successfully pulled them over to the dark side, I'd offer them a drink and ask them what they're basilisk's name is...
Hunt them down then rationally explain the benefits of GTDE-hood whilst nonchalantly twirling a large hatchet.
Offer them lots of free Basilisk Beer and dangle pictures of Tom in front of them until they give in
Kindly inform them that Tom is a well-developed, motivated character, while Oliver is a brawny jock with a fixation for brooms.
Fwap them over the head, then offer them a cookie if they join.
offer them a drink and tempt them with a tye dyed cloak.
point out the many fine qualities of Tom, then ask them if they really want to follow someone with a yak fetish.
Lay it out for them detail by gruesome detail. Tom's the best. That's all there is to it. Anyone who believes otherwise faces the consequences

Is Tom hott?
Oh yeah! RAWR!
Very hott.
Is the sky blue?
Hell yes!
I refuse to refer to anyone as `hott', no matter how attractive they are.
HELL YEAH! If he wasn't I'd probably be a Woodette! -shrieks at the thought!-
You betcha!

Final question! What's your favorite part about the Basilisk Cafe?
Tom! And my Basilisks! And the Daiquiris!
The parties.
The friendships (Awwwww), the drinking, and the Basilisks . . . they're just so cute!
The laughs, random madness, Tom, basilisks… it's all too funkay to choose!
It's a fun and friendly atmosphere, the goofiness....
Hanging out with my GTDE sisters; having an excuse to use a whip.
The people that are part of the cafe. They totally rock because they're so nice, fun, and caring. I LOVE THEM!!
The free drinks they're always offering. I don't know how they manage to turn over a profit, but hell, as long as the liquor keeps flowing I don't care!


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