The Weasley Boy Marriage Quiz
Updated: December 27th, 2010
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How do you like your red hair?
A mix of ginger and deep red
Deep Deep red
Long and a good deep red
More of a ginger
Strawberry blond more reddish

What about your ideal date?
Exploring old ruins.
Going to a comedy club.
Nice quiet candlelit dinner and theater show.
Something daring - skydiving, snowboarding . . .
Something simple dinner and a movie? Bowling?

What would your ideal home be?
A cabin in the woods near nature.
A nice place in an exotic location.
A nice place that's cozy but not too small.
A stately home full of dignity.
Some place full of secret passages, trick doors and walls etc.

What did he give his Mum for Mother's Day?
A bouquet of flowers lavender and white Heather meaning admiration and protection.
A new pair of dragonhide gloves for when she does the dishes.
He brought her one of the Lockhart books in Japanese.
He made her some cupcakes . . . or at least he *tried* to make her some cupcakes.
He surprised her with a funny card and took her out for breakfast.

What does his ideal woman look like?
Athletic, brave, cheeky, and a jokester.
Blonde, beautiful, French.
Brown and curly haired, brown eyed, smart, and Prefect/Head Girl Material.
Bushy and brown haired, brown eyed, smartest in the school, nutters, brave, annoying,
      sweet, daring, bossy, a bookworm, and Head Girl Material.
Dark, athletic, brave, and cheeky.
Raven-haired, pretty, petite, athletic, and Chinese.

What would he do with 90 Galleons?
Donate to the local dragon preserve.
Invest it in a worthwhile cause - and make millions with the profits!
Open his own business or do something that he loves to do.
Probably spend a lot of it right away and then save the rest for later.
Visit another country or take a nice trip.

His career is in?
Professional Sports
World Studies

When you are asked to describe him by people, you say?
Ambitious, hardworking, responsible.
Charming, mischievous, lovable.
Cool. Cool without trying.
Friendly, daring, and brave.
Sarcastic, funny, stubborn.

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