The HP Male Marriage Quiz
Updated: December 27th, 2010
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His humble abode would be?
A small cabin near the Forest.
A warm place with a few tricks laying around.
Clean, elegant, well cared for, a library with many books.
Comfortable, kind of shabby but loved.
Huge, expensive, overwhelming.
Large, colorful, walls full of pictures of his exploits.
Small, comfortable, with lots of interesting gadgets.

How would you spend a billion galleons?
I'd buy drinks for all my friends at the Three Broomsticks.
I'd buy some nice robes and save the rest for a special occasion.
I'd invest it . . . after buying a few Sherbet Lemons to hold me over.
I'd invest it in something regal . . . like a new House-Elf.
I'd save it of course. Investing would be the wisest choice.
I'd travel the world . . . become rich and famous.
Spend it. What's money if you can't spend it!?!?

What about housekeeping? Has he ever done any?
He can cook! least he thinks he can . . .
He can whip up a great cleansing potion in four seconds flat.
House clean? Um, He hasn't had the chance.
It gives him something to do when he's anticipating something, or when he's nervous.
Him?? Clean?!? And I quote "That's what magic is for, my dear!"
Muggle style cleaning is okay, but magic makes it a lot easier.
That's what House-Elves are for.

What's your favorite Muggle love-type song?
By The Light Of The Moon
I will Always Love You
Love Potion #9
The Right One
Wild Thing
You're The One That I Want

What is your favorite book?
Black Beauty
Huckleberry Finn
Magical Me
Moste Potente Potions
Pride and Prejudice
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Norwegian Ridgeback That Could

What is your ideal pet?
A big dog that I can take hunting or boating or playing with. Not some "sit in a cage and be displayed" kinda pet.
Anything regular. Probably a shabby tabby adopted from the pound.
A reptile . . . a snake perhaps.
I hardly have time for pets . . . maybe a goldfish or something.
Something abnormal, but still a loyal pet that is easy to take care of.
Something big and beautiful, I want to show it off.
Something that requires a lot of care. I love animals and don't mind the extra work.

What type of mind do you like in your man?
Eccentric and slightly amusing.
Evil. Just pure evil.
Fake evil. He has to pull off evil, but really be suave.
Intelligent, quick, lurking secrets, sense of mischief.
Mind? Intelligence? Oh, come off it!
Mischievous, mysterious, intelligent... and really messed up.
Sturdy, but not too quick on the uptake.

What would he see in the Mirror Of Erised?
A scary but somehow cuddly animal.
Himself in the DADA position.
Himself, peaceful and without a care in the world.
His beautiful Self.
Power, money, and fame.
Socks. What could be better than socks??

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Quiz by SapphireIsle with special thanks
to Rose for great questions and answers.

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