The HP Female Marriage Quiz
Updated: December 27th, 2010
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What is the perfect gift?
Something thought-provoking and meaningful.
Something beautiful, and finely-crafted.
Something that shows just what you mean to them.
Something useful, that will be of benefit for the rest of their life.
Something that everyone else has got, and they don't.
Something personal, that only you would have given to them.
Something that they will always like, no matter how their tastes change.
Something that you have, and they have always liked.

What is your dream guy?
A fun-loving, free-spirited person, who loves to have a good time and doesn't mind showing it.
Somebody who is willing to support me and be there for me, while letting me be my own person.
Someone deep and complex, who understands what is important to me.
Somebody intelligent and sophisticated. Likes wine and intelligent conversation.
Someone who is more interested in the inner person than image, who is willing to let me be myself.
A friendly, adventurous man, who is educated and confident.
An attractive, confident man, with an eye on the future.
A man who's brave and loyal, and is always there to comfort me when I need it.

What is your favourite book?
Sense and Sensibility
Hogwarts, A History
Alice In Wonderland
The Water Babies
Tess of the Durbervilles
Robinson Crusoe

What is your favourite lesson?
Muggle Studies.
Defence Against The Dark Arts

What is your idea of the perfect date?
A glitzy, formal dinner, with music and dancing.
A few friendly drinks at the Three Broomsticks, and then dancing.
Something active; a trip somewhere, trying something new.
Flowers, dinner and a night on the town.
A good meal, possibly with another couple, where there is a stimulating and informative discussion.
A quiet, moonlit stroll by the lake, away from anyone else.
A simple dinner of high cuisine, followed by a stroll on the beach.
Lunch in Hogsmeade, and a relaxed chat.

What time of day is your favourite?
Early morning. The sunrise, the crisp, fresh air... Beautiful.
The morning. You're at your most alert, and can get the most done.
Twilight. Solitary, secluded and peaceful.
The evening. It's cool, calm, and very relaxing.
The afternoon. Active and interesting, but beginning to wind down the pace a little.
Midday. The sun is shining, and the whole world is awake and active.
Late at night. There's lots of quiet to Read in peace.
Midnight. It's dark and mysterious, and full of excitement.

Where would you take her on her dream vacation?
Stonehenge. She'll love the magical ambience and historical mystery.
The mystic country of Romania. Its lovely and romantic, complete with old fashioned fortune tellers.
On a hiking expedition up Everest. If there's one girl who'd love a challenge, she's it!
Out camping in a secluded mountain range. Just me, her, and her telescope.
Paris. The city of love, romance, and uber-sap. Right up her alley.
An exclusive ski resort, where she can sit around by the fire at night being served hand and foot, and be pampered in the day spa.
A charity ball full of well-to-do people. She can mingle, show off her beautiful gown, and travel in her favourite circles.
Where else but the lovely island nation of Bali? She can mingle with the locals, and learn about their rich local customs and history to her heart's content.

You value most about her...
Her off beat ideas.
Her loyalty.
Her intelligence.
Her adaptability.
Her passion.
Her giddiness.
Her agility.
Her beauty.

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Quiz by SapphireIsle with special thanks to Bragg,
Raven, & Tori for great questions and answers.

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