Which Villain Are You?
Updated: December 27th, 2010
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Describe the decor of your personal domain?
A sound, solid structure, with space-age leanings.
A traveling base, fully kitted out with an array of gadgetry.
A vast underwater fortress, with all the modern conveniences.
Fire, a frozen lake of blood, knives, stretch racks, and other instruments of torture.
I wouldn't stay in the same place long enough to have a 'domain'.
Large, spacious and high-tech.
Perfectly ordinary, to disguise my true nature.
Your standard underground lair - cool, dark and quiet as the grave.

How would one identify your dark legions?
Dark robes, with silver accessories and full facemasks.
They'll be the ones killing you.
They'll be the ones following me around in the hopes I won't kill them.
If they take orders from me, you can be pretty sure they're on my side...
By my insignia.
I won't have a legion, per se - I'll subcontract to henchmen as I need them.
Rigid military dress, with no concessions to individuality whatsoever.
Their black eyes, and black smoky shadows.

Which character type would you normally select as your lieutenant?
Someone with influence and power, if a little lacking in brawn.
Somebody with special talents that I need, and I can manipulate easily.
People are there to be used and discarded as I wish.
Nobody. I work alone.
I'd probably give the job to my children.
Cold, dispassionate, sadistic and deceitful.
A cunning and ruthless warrior - even if that ruthlessness extends to an ambition to replace me.
A calculating, quietly efficient, professional.

You finally have your nemesis in your grasp. How do you bring about his demise?
Burn them with fire, and then tear them apart with my telekinetic powers.
At the climax of a battle of epic proportions.
With a feeling of regret that nobody but he and I could ever understand.
With an unnecessarily complex plan.
In a full-blooded, one-on-one fight to the death.
I kill them. What else is there?
After a long period where I tease, torment and humiliate them.
I would eliminate them in full view of my followers, to demonstrate my power.

Monologing. Is it really as bad a risk as they say?
I rarely meet an enemy worthy of my personal attention, so I get little opportunity for it.
Would Shakespeare's characters be so memorable without their monologues?
Of course! Why give away the end game when the battle hasn't been won?
Why waste words on some insignificant maggot you're about to kill anyway?
What's the point in being King of the World if you can't enjoy the simple pleasures in life?
I don't monologue.
What harm can it do? It's not like anyone can possibly stop me...
Are you kidding? With my backstabbing lieutenant, I'm lucky if I get away with dialoging...

Which of these will you be taking as your obligatory vulnerability?
My lieutenant.
An unquenchable thirst for more.
Nothing, but we'll give the hero a McGuffin.
A tendency for pontification.
Needing the permission of my human prey to do anything.
Being ruled by my passions.
That undeniable sliver of a better nature.


Quiz by SapphireIsle with thanks
to Bragg and Christina for questions and answers.

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