I am Lord Voldemort

Written by Nemesis.


It was an in-between day. The air was chill, and the numerous clouds looked like lumpy porridge in the ice-grey sky. It should have been snowing, but the humidity was low. Tom could almost taste the dryness when he breathed sharply through his mouth, and it was an unpleasant feeling. He pulled his thin jacket tighter around him, shivering from head to toe. His breath hung mistily before him, mingling with the London fog. It was an hour after school on a Friday, and the orphans were all supposed to play outside to get rid of their excess energy.......





Copyrighted 2001-2016 by Nemesis



*A note: Since The Basilisk Cafe is closed and no one else has a full copy of IaLV, I'll be hosting it so fans may keep reading it. :)