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Hello! Hello! Things looks a bit different don't they? That's because I redesigned the whole site. Also of note, Visioni Di Settembre and The
Sapphire Website Network have been merged into one site (that would be the one you're looking at. ;) ) Instead of lots of 'mini-sites' as previously
seen on VDS, everything can be found on the cool new collapsible navigational menu. The Sapphire Website Network links are under 'The
Network' and Miscellaneous, Links, and Varity's buttons can be found under 'Other'


Find wallpapers, icons, fandom buttons, and more here!
If you'd like customized buttons and or wallpapers, email Commissions.

NOTE: The wallpapers on this website are meant to be used for personal use only. (Using on your computer's desktop) If you wish to use
wallpapers for other purposes you
must email me and ask for permission. (I have found far to many websites using these wallpapers,
linking directly to my site and without credit! Plus eating my bandwidth.)

Updated: May 30th, 2010


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